I have loved Masterwork cymbals for many years now and am very proud to be an official endorser for this great manufacturer since 2014! All cymbals are handmade, have a great spectrum of beautiful sounds and are very robust!



Since 2014 I am endorsing Adoro Custom Drums. This small and friendly company from Hamburg does not only build custom drums, but also has a few series to offer. I love to play Adoro drums because they don’t let themselves be guided by trends, but instead just build instruments that simply sound great! Furthermore, the production process is very sustainable, which is very important to me. For example, Adoro does not use woods from the rainforest and tries to use local resources to avoid long transportation. Most of the shells are produced in Hamburg.



If you want to learn more, visit


Since Fall of 2015 I am an official endorser for the company ICE-Stix, which produces great drumsticks and made me a fine signature model. I am very happy to be endorsing a company from Germany and am very thankful for the support.



For our acoustic numbers in the Ohrenfeindt live-set I use a De Gregorio cajón. It has a really nice sound and I am glad to be supported by this company!

The company Sägen-Mehring GmbH from Hockenheim, Germany, liked my idea to play sawblades as musical instruments so much, they quickly sponsored me a huge blade! I want to thank them very much for this support! How I initially came up with the idea, you can see in this video – true story!